Monday, February 15, 2010

Love is all you really need!

What is Love?
Who should Love more - the guy or the girl?

How do you know if it's a crush, infatuation or love?

These are easy to ask and difficult to answer but here goes:

Some say it's mysterious, magical, complex, difficult, imaginary, thought-provoking, inspirational, intuitional, joyous, immeasurable, ecstasy, and undefinable. Perhaps, "Love is a feeling directed at someone which acknowledges their goodness."

All real love is based on mutual respect, admiration and concern with each others well-being.

Having said that, equality is the only way!

Now this doesn't mean that we all always feel equal in our feelings. Sometimes, one person in a relationship will feel closer and the other more distant but, overall, people in close relationships should feel equally close and equally loving.

They should feel the complete safety to be wholly themselves and they should feel that, while they could probably survive life on their own, having this particular person enhances their sense of why they have been put on this planet!

In the beginning, infatuation (or a crush) and love feel exactly the same. We feel like our hearts are opening up for the first time and being around the person of our choice feels just like magic, like someone has cast a spell on us and that the world fades away in the presence of our beloved.Colors are brighter, birds sing more sweetly and happiness overwhelms us. This is wonderful news when it happens.

Unfortunately, the down side is that these feelings of being inebriated on love do not last for very long. Once they fade, people are disappointed that they no longer feel the crush or infatuation to the intensity that they did before; they therefore feel they have fallen "out of love."

Actually, this is where love begins and infatuation ends.

Real love means understanding and sharing with our loved ones as deeply as possible.

Real love is the total acceptance of another human being with all their flaws, and believe me, we all have them.

Real love means letting go of all pretense, fantasy, expectations that our lover will be perfect and that we will never feel negatively and get angry at them. This is pure nonsense.

The problem that most of us are having is that once this infatuated feeling dies, we don't have the understanding to let the love pass into the next stage which is more like the one I just described and, while it doesn't seem as exciting anymore, it is replaced by a feeling of security and completeness which is marvelous and comforting, safe and loving.

Remember, nothing else matters without love. As the Beatles have said: "Love is all you really need!"

The Perfect Kiss

At the end of a first date comes that awkward moment when you must decide if you want to kiss her or not.

Also, if you do kiss her it had better be good to make a favorable impression. It may not be fair, but some single women will judge you on your first kiss as to whether she would be attracted to you want to date you again.

In other words, she must feel some chemistry when she kisses you.

If you are a lousy kisser, then you're going to be a failure at creating good chemistry between you and your date.

Is chemistry important on a first date?

You bet it is! And if you're a great kisser, you're going to turn her on and have an edge on the other guys that date her that are lousy kissers.

So, just exactly what makes a good kisser and kisses that single women that you go out with won't forget? The key is to be soft and gentle and follow her lead...that's all there is to it.

There are many ways that first kiss can go terribly wrong, but most are easily avoided.

Moving too quickly:
Be careful not to startle the kissee - watch and wait for the signal to proceed If you aren't sensitive in your kissing, how empathetic and caring can you be about the rest of the relationship...

Wet, sloshy, squishy, fishy:
If you or the kissee needs to wipe your lips, or chin, dry after the kiss.

Smash-mouth smothering kiss of death
: Avoid the over-passionate, insensitive kiss that leaves the kissee gasping for air.

Chapped, Cactus Lips:
There's a delicate balance to lip moisture equation. The last thing you want to do is drool on your partner, but you definitely don't want to leave scars with crispy, chafed lips.

Too much Tongue and Too Much, Too Soon: Keep that tongue tucked away until you get the right signals, and then apply with caution - later

Dragon Breath: A mint or two, breathe saver, gum, and spray - anything to get rid of gunk-mouth.

Weak, Wobbly or Wooden Passionless Pecks: The swoop in and bounce out kiss is simply meaningless - unless you want to impart a "let's just sort-of be friends" type of message.

Smacking, Clacking Loud Kisses: The old "clack and smack" kills romance in a flash.

Happy Kissing!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A glance into the future....

I looked into her eyes

I got lost in their depth

A glance into the future

Revealing the secrets she kept

For so many years she cared too

Yet we were both afraid to say

We avoided each other completely...

Every time, simply another day

She cried to me one night.

Please help, I don't know what to do

I wrapped my arms around her body.

It is okay now, I'm here with you

She told me about her boyfriend,

He cheated, and hurt her bad...
I told her not to worry...
But in the inside I was getting mad.

I held back my anger...
And I comforted her instead.
Playing with her hair,

She play still on my heart.

I leaned over to kiss her cheek,

She smiled and turned to me.

Thank you for being there...

I have finally learned to see

With that she drifted off,

I left her quietly sleeping.

How could anyone want to hurt her?
I ran through thoughts, my heart leaping.

I met up with her boyfriend,
Swung out of pure love and rage.

A knife stabbed through my stomach..

God where were you today?

My head smacking onto the pavement,
My breath getting thin...

My vision blurred and fading slowly...

This was a battle I could never win.

As this darkness consumes me...
Light fills my eyes...
I am proud to have lost my life,

If it meant ending her cries...

I just can't let her go

This lie's become a part of me
For months, I've played this game
Acting like it doesn't hurt
Each time I hear her name

Ignoring what's inside of me
Pretending I've moved on
As if the feelings I once had
For her are somehow gone

Spending each and every day
With happiness and laughs

Forgetting all our memories
Avoiding photographs

But last night when I saw her
After a long time since she left
My heart stopped for a moment...
I couldn't catch my breath

When suddenly it hit me
As the tears started to flow
That even after all this time...
I just can't let her go!

I miss you!!

Looking back on everything,
I still remember her smile.
I wish things didn't end so soon,
And turn back time for awhile.

No matter how much it hurts,
I still love her so.
A part of me needs her so much,
Can't seem to let her go.

Knowing I won't be able to see her,
Makes my heart cry out in pain.
I can't believe we won't talk anymore,
The thought makes me wanna go insane.

She was my reason for waking up,

For the smile you see on my face.
Going a single day without her,
Makes me feel so out of place.

I was afraid of opening up,

Now I'm afraid of the next day.
Whenever I see her one last time,

I'm terrified of what she may say.

I know tomorrow will hurt,
But the tears will fade away.
Life is too short for regrets,

There will be a brighter day.

But when I see her one last time,
I won't know what to do...
When she tells me that last goodbye,
I'll whisper,"I already miss you.."